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Mastermind Group

Interested in a different type of training? Join a Mastermind group. Learn and grow with like-minded individuals and achievers to share successes, and challenges, and get honest feedback to move you forward. Designed to meet the needs of the members, around topics specific to their business. Schedule below to discuss this exciting training option



Group Trainings

Group trainings available on a wide-array of topics that can be tailored for your specific needs in person or virtually. Schedule below to see what my team can do for you.



Coaching Skills Training

Interested in coaching skills training for you and your team? Learn about the Maxwell Method of Coaching and how you can add trained coaches to your organization. Schedule below to discuss this training option.

Selling Skills Training

Looking to enhance the selling and marketing expertise of yourself or your staff? See how the Maxwell Method of Selling can equip you for better results. Schedule below to discuss this training option.

Business Development/Strategic Capture and Growth

Looking for an experienced business development expert—look no more—I have nearly 30 years of experience in development expertise for non-profits and for profit organizations. Experienced in nurturing relationships, building winning partnerships, facilitating business opportunities that align with mission and competencies, and developing competitive and winning proposals to secure new revenue. Do you need assistance with creating your business development strategies to assist with meeting annual revenue targets? Or are you in need of strategic planning and implementation expertise? Schedule below to see how my team can address your needs.

Schedule a time to discuss below
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