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Leave the frustration. Take the cannoli.

YES, I did it! My podcast—The Cannoli Coach—is up and running. THIS is so far out of my comfort zone…but something I was meant to do.

The concept is gathering around a virtual table—talking and learning from one another—and moving beyond what is causing us frustration. Growing up, many of life’s issues were discussed around the table—with family and friends.

My first episode gives a brief a brief introduction of WHY I am doing this. The picture that announces the podcast includes me (just shy of a year) with my Uncle Joe—sitting around my Grandma’s table. This picture is very special to me--Uncle Joe was also my godfather and just a wonderful man. When he passed away years later, his death was truly the first one that I understood as a small child.

Future episodes will have some amazing guests who share their stories. And, if you have a story to share, let me know. Would love to have you around the virtual table.

Thank you all for encouraging me and let me know your thoughts—good, bad, or ugly! Link to podcast below.



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