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Dr. Kimberly Hambrick is a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with an emphasis on leadership and human development and growth with a focus on maximizing the potential of individuals and organizations.

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P: 304.206.6819

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Improve your leadership, communication, or selling skills.

Navigate your transition points -professional or personal.

Improve your coaching, selling, and other developmental skills in a proven system for helping you achieve growth.

Gain knowledge and strategies to intentionally lead, instead of waiting to be led.

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One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions
Think and Grow Rich Masterclass
Time ReDesigned Administrator Academy
Hosted in your district.

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“The Communication Impact Report coupled with Kim's coaching = A perfect combo!!! Throughout my career I have completed countless assessments, tests, and profilers. Some were amazingly helpful offering accurate and actionable insights, while others fell flat. Through them all, I did begin to notice a common trend... the more questions and time to complete brought about a higher quality of outcomes. Which seems great - but who has the time or patience to spend 30+ minutes answering question after question??? KIM OFFERS A DIFFERENT WAY!!! The Impact Report process (AKA the assessment) took less than 10 minutes to complete and to my surprise instantly produced an in-depth, highly accurate, easy to understand, personalized results report offering incredibly helpful insights and actions. But it didn't stop there, Kim coached me through the report and its recommendations to ensure I truly understood the results and how I can be, well...better! Thanks Kim!!!"


Wendi Grafe, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of ComFab Consulting

“I have known Kimberly professionally for almost 18 years, having worked with her as a colleague and as a sub-contractor. In the time I’ve known her, I have observed her take under her wing aspiring junior consultants and gradually help them transform into principled leaders. I have also participated in a few of her workshops and consulted with her privately. She is respectful, kind, tells it like she sees it, and helps those she coaches define feasible goals and establish productive practices for reaching them. I highly recommend Kimberly!

Keith M. Sturges, Ph.D., Owner, Indikus Evaluation & Planning


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